Cycling the Threatened Section of Path (Video)

Virtually the whole section of path shown in these two videos is threatened! Only a short short section shown is likely to remain. That is the stretch from the bridge over Newlands lane, to where the path dips slightly to the western side of the original embankment to join a path running under the old railway route. The rest of the path shown is likely to continue only as a cherished memory to those who now enjoy Centurion Way.

In this first video all the path shown up until the 2 minutes 52 seconds will probably be removed or diverted.

In this second video all the path shown after the 1 minutes 42 seconds will probably be removed or diverted.

We hope these videos demonstrate the current utility and convenience that the path offers both cyclists and pedestrians.

  • All the curves and bends in the path are gradual so that cyclists and pedestrians can easily see each other well in advance and avoid conflict.
  • All the gradients on the path are gentle making Centurion way ideal for people with prams, wheelchair/mobility-scooter users, elderly pedestrians and cyclists.
  • The wonderful pedestrian bridge over the railway is conveniently accessed from either direction so that local path users can get easily to and from the supermarket while avoiding conflict with motor vehicles.
  • The path joins a quiet cul-de-sac at the entrance of Bishop Luffa school allowing safe easy access to the cycle way from Chichester center.
  • Centurion Way is a fast and practical route for users of sustainable transport allowing a welcome and healthy alternative to reliance on motor vehicles.

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