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I commute to work every day using Centurion Way. I want to maintain it as a practical route that people can everyone use that connects easily to the city.

Path Usage September 2021

September 2021 had the greatest monthly recorded traffic of people walking and cycling on the Centurion Way path since installation of the counter on January the 1st 2021. A total of 37250 people were recorded passing the counter in September 2021 compared with 25299 in the previous month August. There was a particularly high number…

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Counter at Bishop Luffa Footbridge has been Rendered Inoperable by Spray Paint

Unfortunately the FoCW counter has been rendered inoperable with spray paint! Paint has been sprayed into the optical windows of the counter making the lenses and sensors within the equipment opaque. This leaves the counter unable to sense pedestrians or cyclists on the path. Scratching the paint with my thumbnail revealed it can be removed…

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Path Usage in July 2021

The popularity of Centurion Way is unsurprisingly proving to be weather dependent. Wet weather slightly dampened peoples appetite to get fresh air and exercise on the path in the latter half of the month. A total of 29,618 journeys were recorded by the FoCW counter in July 2021. Wikipedia reports that the 2011 Census recorded…

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FoCW recommend you write in opposition to Sherborne-Rd/Westgate pavements being converted into shared use cycle tracks

Dear Friends of Centurion Way Supporters, West Sussex County Council have opened a consultation Traffic Regulation Order CHS9038RC which closes on the 5th August 2021. Items iii & iv within the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) will introduce two parallel crossings at the Sherborne-Rd/Westgate mini roundabout. Although this may initially sound like a good idea, it…

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White House Farm Phase 2 Outline Plans including the Southern Access Road are to be Finally Revealed on Wednesday the 30th June 2021

Friends of Centurion Way have campaigned since October 2017 to retain existing good quality walking and cycling facilities on the western side of Chichester. The initial 2017 Southern Access Road (SAR) proposals involved the removal of the southern end of Centurion Way with cyclists being relocated in both directions onto an unsuitable shared use pavement…

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