Author: markrecord

I commute to work every day using Centurion Way. I want to maintain it as a practical route that people can everyone use that connects easily to the city.

Path Usage Count April 2022

In total, the Friends of Centurion Way people counter recorded 34027 journeys made on the path in April 2022. The counter is situated at the southern end of Centurion Way by the green footbridge over the railway near the Tesco Supermarket and adjacent to Bishop Luffa school. Hourly count data is available in .csv format…

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Path Usage Feb 2022

26,184 journeys were counted by the Friends of Centurion Way Path Counter this February 2022. The counter is situated where the Southern end of the path passes Bishop Luffa by the green railway foot bridge. The image below shows a chart of the paths daily usage during February 2022: Hourly Count Data for February 2022…

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Path Usage September 2021

September 2021 had the greatest monthly recorded traffic of people walking and cycling on the Centurion Way path since installation of the counter on January the 1st 2021. A total of 37250 people were recorded passing the counter in September 2021 compared with 25299 in the previous month August. There was a particularly high number…

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