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I commute to work every day using Centurion Way. I want to maintain it as a practical route that people can everyone use that connects easily to the city.

New Years Day 2024 Meeting at Mid-Day on the Path to Launch Sculpture Archway Reinstatement Bid

New Years Day Update The rain held back on New Years Day while many people joined the Friends of Centurion Way to support Carley Sitwell’s bid to reinstate Richard Farrington’s Archway Sculpture that was originally the gateway to the start of the path. Indeed, Richard Farrington joined us in person and he expressed his appreciation…

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Please email Ian Sumnall to add your Name to a Petition for a Proper Tarmac Surface Over Centurion Way Footbridge

New Update July 2023 After several years of campaigning we successfully achieved a safer tarmac route running over the bridge by Bishop Luffa Close. Thank you WSCC for completing this community highways scheme on Centurion Way Images of the newly completed tarmac overbridge¬† are shown below:       Older Update July 2022 Today, 21st…

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Path Usage in May 2022

Over Thirty Four Thousand journeys were recorded on the path during the month of May 2022. However the data log shows there were malfunctions of the counter during periods of bright sunshine causing the counter to stop counting at some peak flow periods. Thirty Four Thousand journeys should be consider a low bound of path…

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Path Usage Count April 2022

In total, the Friends of Centurion Way people counter recorded 34027 journeys made on the path in April 2022. The counter is situated at the southern end of Centurion Way by the green footbridge over the railway near the Tesco Supermarket and adjacent to Bishop Luffa school. Hourly count data is available in .csv format…

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Path Usage Feb 2022

26,184 journeys were counted by the Friends of Centurion Way Path Counter this February 2022. The counter is situated where the Southern end of the path passes Bishop Luffa by the green railway foot bridge. The image below shows a chart of the paths daily usage during February 2022: Hourly Count Data for February 2022…

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