January 2021 Path Count

There was a surprisingly large variation in traffic volumes from day to day on Centurion Way during January 2021. Presumably the variation was due to the changeable weather?

Our counter at the Southern end of the path by Bishop Luffa school recorded the data shown in the cart below.

January 2021 Chart
Red bars represent Southbound traffic and the blue bars represent Northbound traffic

A larger image of the chart is available here.

Over the duration of the month January 2021 a total of 25939 individual journeys were recorded by the counter averaging 837 journeys recorded each day over this period.

The peak level of use in January 2021 was on Sunday the 17 which saw 711 people heading Northbound and 716 heading Southbound. This gave a total of 1427 journeys recorded on January 2021 Sunday the 17, by our counter at Bishop Luffa School.

The count on the 1st of January only began at around 1pm so morning journeys made on the 1st of January are missing from the data.

A file containing comma separated values (csv format) with the recorded count given for each hour over January 2021 is available here Jan2021.csv

The raw data from the counter downloaded on the 1st of Feb is available here.http://centurionway.org.uk/CounterData/2021-02-01.MEM

Details of the USB Axiomatic Counters used by the Friends of Centurion Way to keep count of the people using the path are available here. https://peoplecounting.co.uk/

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