New Years Beating the Bounds of Centurion Way Event

Hopefully, all FoCW supporters will enjoy indulging in delicious food and drink over this festive season but by the time New Year comes around most of us are desperate for some healthy fresh air and exercise.

The FoCW Beating the Bounds event is the perfect remedy to over-indulgence and inactivity over the Christmas break, so why not join us?

Starting from the railway footbridge by Bishop Luffa school, we will meet at 11.00 am on 1st January 2019. Bring a bicycle or just walk if you prefer. You can go as far as you like or merely take a short winter stroll.

Unfortunately, Sarah and Bill Sharp can’t join us this year but Sarah’s emblematic Big Green cargo trike should still be ferrying refreshment (hot drinks) up to the amphitheatre.

This is now an annual tradition for FoCW supporters.

FoCW Beating The Bounds Jan 2018

The photo above is from the Chichester Post report on last years FoCW Beating the bounds event and the original story is still available here.

You can from the picture that the air was very “fresh” last year with soft drizzly rain.

Hope to see you there this year and keep your figures crossed for dryer weather.

If people wish to advertise the event a poster is available here.

Seasons Greetings on behalf of the FoCW,

Mark Record