New Years Day 2024 Meeting at Mid-Day on the Path to Launch Sculpture Archway Reinstatement Bid

New Years Day Update

The rain held back on New Years Day while many people joined the Friends of Centurion Way to support Carley Sitwell’s bid to reinstate Richard Farrington’s Archway Sculpture that was originally the gateway to the start of the path.

Indeed, Richard Farrington joined us in person and he expressed his appreciation that so many people wish to see his sculpture restored.

Local residents and the Friends of Centurion Way team brought all kinds of savoury and sweet seasonal snacks. There were hot drinks and even fizzy wine to enjoy. Three different styles of cargo bikes brought the folding tables and cutlery to the event.

Original Post

Please join the Friends of Centurion Way at 12:00 Mid-Day on the 1st of January by the railway footbridge adjacent to Bishop Luffa school.
We are launching an application to the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) to reinstate the fantastic archway sculpture originally created by Richard Farrington and installed by Sustrans, marking the Southern start of Centurion Way.
We need plenty people to attend to illustrate the strength of community support for the reinstatement of the gateway arch. We intend to capture a photograph of FoCW supporters enthusiastic backing this initiative at the New Years day event. We will take the picture at the same location where the archway sculpture originally stood when the path was opened in 1995.
Photo of the archway when the path was first opened
We hope you can join us on new years day to help enhance and preserve the path for everyone.
Seasons Greetings on behalf of the Friends of Centurion Way,
Mark Record