The Friends of Centurion Way Committee quest to reinstate the Gateway Arch to Centurion Way has been kick started with the generous award of a grant of £2,500 by Chichester City Council. We are enormously grateful for the grant and the clear message of support from the City Council.
The first part of Centurion Way was opened in September 1995. The Gateway Arch designed and made by Richard Farrington marked the start of the Centurion Way, near to Bishop Luffa School and became a landmark, much loved by residents and visitors alike.
However, in 2015 the Archway was removed as the supporting posts had rotted causing a risk to the many users of Centurion Way. The Archway has been stored by WSCC since then but the Friends of Centurion Way are committed to reinstate the Archway and have started Fund Raising.
“We know this going to take some time but believe it is a very worthwhile project. There are so many residents and visitors who enjoy Centurion Way and with the next section which will connect to Singleton and many more houses being built we see it becoming more used. So many people enjoy the Centurion Way. It is remarkable to have such a natural and sustainable route to our magnificent countryside and the South Downs. We are all aware of the importance of access to the outdoors not only for physical wellbeing but mental wellbeing too.” said the Project Manager/Chairman of the Friends of Centurion Way.
“We have some way to go to raise the £16,000 required but this is a generous donation by Chichester City Council giving a great start and we are very grateful. We will be making more grant applications and will be launching an appeal in the Spring.” said the Chairman Ian Swann.