Valentines Day Romance and Centurion Way

Are you wondering how to show someone you’re romantically involved with, how much you really love them?

Do you have a love interest and want to share a truly magical experience together?

Why not share your passion for Chichester and the surrounding West Sussex country side by taking your Valentine for an enchanting  walk or cycle ride along Centurion Way?

Of course you should remember to send your sweetheart a card too, with an honest expression of  love and commitment to your truelove!

The Friends of centurion way are taking this idea to the next level. We are making a huge Valentines card showing our love for Centurion Way!

Love Centurion Way
Showing our love for Centurion Way to the Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP

We are inviting everyone who wishes to preserve the path, to sign the card, so we can take the giant Valentines card to the Ministry of Transport  and give it to Chris Grayling who is our current Minister for Transport.

Hopefully this will help us win his support for maintaining and protecting our path into the future!



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