Vélo South on 23rd September

Vélo South promises to be a huge local event with apparently 15,000 cyclists taking part.

Centurion Way is a wonderful route you can follow up to Lavant if you wish to watch the event but need to avoid issues with the event road closures on the day!

Vélo South cycalists

More details of the event can be found by following this link to the official event website.

The event is not without some local controversy as there is now a legal challenge being made to the road closure plans.

Chichester Observer Legal Challenge to Velo South event.

Legal challenge launched and protests planned against Velo South

It is not clear how the event will proceed if motor vehicles are simultaneously allowed to use the roads with the cyclists during the event. However Friends of centurion way hope that  both Vélo south cyclists and the local residents enjoy this unusual event.

On behalf of the Friends of Centurion Way,

Mark Record