Chichester Pipeline & Archaeological Digging

Southern water are building a 10km sewer pipeline that will run from the White House Farm development west of Chichester, across the north of the city and through to Tangmere, where it will connect to the Tangmere Wastewater Treatment Works.

Pipeline Map

Southern water are publicising the project details on this link.

There is a whole lot of archaeological digging doing on in the field just south of Newland’s Lane and this is presumably ahead of the pipeline installation.

Archaeology Dig south of Newlands Lane
Archaeology Dig south of Newlands Lane

It is the understanding of FoCW that the pipeline will be machine tunnelled under Centurion Way without the need to excavate .

There is also work being conducted in the field just east of Bishop Luffa. In this field there is is a significant amount of temporary reptile barrier fence. Presumably this is to allow capture of reptiles so that they can be relocated during the pipeline installation work.

Reptile Fencing


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