Planning Application for White House Farm Phase 1 (Awaiting Comments!)

Please consider contacting Chichester District Council with your comments and suggestions regarding the following planning application. There are potential issues regarding access links  for new residents wishing to use Centurion Way. You may follow this link to the comprehensive set of plans made available by Chichester District Council.

Although provisions are outlined in the 89 documents for facilities targeting pedestrians and cyclists, many of these seem aimed only at being either short circular walks or excursions for dog walking/exercise.

Issues with connectivity for sustainable transport can be considered particularly when viewing Drawing number MILL21274-21.B (click to follow link for a closer look)


In the top half of this drawing is a strip labelled…

“Green Corridor – Central Green Link, This green linear link connects the site as a whole. Board-walks will provide pedestrian links  between residential pockets as well as a continuous hogging footpath running alongside the stream linking the southern and northern country parks.”

Although there is an appealing aspect to this green corridor, it is sadly impractical for sustainable transport because once it reaches the southern park all of the planed routes become curved, twisted and convoluted.  The paths do not navigate along the desire lines walkers, mobility scooter users and cyclists would naturally chose to follow in order to directly get into the city centre or to the railway station.

A closer look at the absence of easy to use sustainable transport links into our existing footpaths/cycleways can also be made by studying the following two drawings;

MILL21274.14 SHEET 1(click for link)

MILL21274.14 SHEET 1 Thumbnail
MILL21274.14 SHEET 1 Thumbnail

MILL21274.14 SHEET 2(click for link)

MILL21274.14 SHEET 2 thumbnail
MILL21274.14 SHEET 2 thumbnail

Many people moving into the newly proposed dwellings will wish to avoid creating unnecessary pollution and avoid the dangers/expense associated with motor vehicle use. New residents may also wish to enjoy the measurable health benefits associated with walking or cycling as part of their daily commute. However, unless direct, safe and easy to use routes can be provided, sustainable transport will be impracticable for new residents. Better links between the new development and onto Centurion Way would provide the best opportunity for walkers, mobility scooter users and cyclists from the new development to integrate with the existing community. John Grimshaw, the original architect of Centurion Way also highlights these points which are published here in his workbook of plans for Centurion Way.

Promoting sustainable transport links with the new development is also advantageous for existing residents, even if they have no interest in using the cities footpaths and cycleways. Every extra person who is be encouraged to use sustainable transport relieves a little bit of congestion from the city and this makes everybody else’s journey faster and slightly more pleasant.

Friends of Centurion Way are committed to making Chichester just as accessible for pedestrians, mobility scooter users & cyclists as it is for motorists.

Please consider contacting Chichester District Council with constructive comments and suggestions regarding these plans and the access link issues for new residents wishing to use Centurion Way?

You’ll need to follow this link then go to the “comments tab” and then follow the link to “register” with the council to register to leave a comment electronically (presumably an alternative would be to send a traditional paper letter).

Best Regards,

Mark Record (on behalf of FoCW)

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