Path Usage May 2021

At the beginning of May 2021, the counter system was undercounting! During bright sunny conditions people passing the counter were not registered.

We have temporarily resolved the issue by boosting the infrared light beam (starting from May 13th). We hope the counter supplier Axiomatic can provide a better long term solution.

On Monday 24th May, a woven dandelion decoration was found hung over the counter obscuring the infrared light beam. Inspection of the counter data indicates the decoration was installed by someone at around 10:30 on Sunday night. No counts of people were recorded over the approximately 7 hour period when the decoration was in place.

A chart of Centurion Way people counts during May 2021 is shown below.

Blue bars represent Northbound Traffic and Red bars represent Southbound Traffic

The counter is situated at the southern end of Centurion Way immediately south of the railway crossing bridge at Bishop Luffa school.

Raw data recorded by the counter in May is available here

The raw data can be read using the IMMotion software available here

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