Big 4th July Summer Picnic at the Amphitheatre

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3:00 Pm on Sunday July 4th Picnic on Centurion Way

Due to quarantine restrictions being extended by national government into July 2021, please contact if you intend joining this event. Unfortunately, we are now restricted to the event including a maximum of 30 persons.

Celebrate Centurion Way as being the best walking and cycling leisure route in West Sussex. Bring a picnic and walk or cycle to this family orientated event. Join us at the Amphitheatre Railwaymen sculptures immediately south of Hunters Race bridge. Novelty and cargo bikes will be available to try out.

An png image for flyers is available below and is also available in PDF format on this link.

ChiCycle campaign for better cycling and walking provision around the Chichester area. We encourage creation of even more facilities like Centurion Way to help get people (especially children) outside, happy and active so they can enjoy improved health and well-being. Investing in walking and cycling infrastructure brings significant economic and health benefits as acknowledged by the Department for Transport here. Join us for an enjoyable summer family orientated picnic and help us show how much we value this wonderful walking and cycling route.

Map of location
Map showing location of Picnic

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