Plan forwarded for approval with poor quality section of Southern Access Road

This information is complicated but particularly important as it shows local walking and cycling provision will be of a desperately poor standard after the construction of the Whitehouse farm development.

Not only will this seriously impede the take up of walking and cycling in the new housing development but it will also sever the walking and cycling routes Centurion Way, the National South Coast Cycle Route (ChEmRoute) and walking cycling provision between Chichester City and Tesco Supermarket.

Witnessing how these application plans condemn the future of local walking cycling is extremely difficult due to the opaque planing procedures followed by our local authorities. It is possible by following these steps.

Details of planning for the sports area can be found on the following link.

19/02584/REM | Application plans for a sports area define the route of the housing estates Southern Access Road and shows the spine road will lack viable walking and cycling provision.

Within this application under documents is a drawing (09 Oct 2019-Plan-Under Consideration-Measure document icon-MLR/E4517/01/006-INDICATIVE STREET LIGHTING LAYOUT (A1) showing street lighting detail on the following link.

An image extracted from this pdf file can be viewed below.

image taken from

Observe what looks like part of the southern access road at the bottom left of the plan and the crescent shaped parking area!

14/04301/OUT | Outline planning application with all matters reserved (except for access) for the first phase of development for up to 750 homes can be found on the following link.

It is my understanding that the White House Farm housing development failed to gain planning consent for the original Southern Access Road proposal who’s plans (22 Mar 2016-Application Form-Measure document icon-MASTERPLANNING AND INFRASTRUCTURE APPENDICES/PLANS, page 28 of 32) can be viewed using the link to 14/04301/OUT below.

An image extracted from page 28 of 32 of this pdf file can be viewed below.

Image from
Image from

Phase 1 S106 Plans for the junction between Westgate and Sherbourne Road have already been agreed and closely match the designs shown in the drawing above.



It is clear from overlaying the plans that the drawing “19/02584/REM | Application plans for a sports area” defines part of the Southern Access Road identically to the plans that previously failed to gain outline planning consent!

S106 Plans for the junction between Westgate and Sherbourne Road also match the same plans that failed to gain outline planning consent!

I have previously criticised these previously rejected Southern Access Road plans here, here, here and here because they are wholly inadequate for the local needs for pedestrians and cyclists.

Please write to Chichester District Planning authority to insist that the application plans for the sports area are not granted until there has been adequate consultancy with the local community and an agreement has been reached on master plan designs for a Spine Road that caters for local walking and cycling needs.

Kind Regards,

Mark Record

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