Plans for New Link Onto Centurion Way

The West of Chichester Development which will bring 1600 new homes that will be sited next door to Centurion Way.

The friends of Centurion Way have been following the planning procedure for these homes and wanted to make sure new residents have easy access onto Centurion Way

We have successfully negotiated with the CDC planning committee and developers so that there will be an access way where new residents can join the path. The approximate position of the new link is shown in the image below.

New access-way
New access-way planned between Newlands Lane and St Paul’s Road

This connection should have minimum impact on the natural appearance of the path. However, we feel it will prove a handy link for many path users. It will join Centurion Way onto a quiet street which then links via a short shared walking/cycle-way to a new centre where shops will be located. Hopefully, it will soon be possible to head westwards on this link so anyone on Centurion way can make a short detour to get refreshments from the new shops opening in the heart of this new residential development.

On behalf of the Friends of Centurion Way,

Mark Record


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