West of Chichester Development Phase 2 Plans Now Available for Consultation

Nick Billington is the the Associate Director of Planning for the West of Chichester Development which is project managed by Tetra Tech Limited. He led the virtual meeting yesterday evening on the 30th June 2021 presenting the Vistry-Miller Phase 2 plans. This included details of the long awaited Southern Access Road plans.
A time table for initial community discussion of the plans was also provided prior to the meeting and is shown below:

CLG stands for Community Liaison Group and if you would like to be included you could try emailing westofchichesterpart2@tetratech.com or by phoning 02382 022 800 (ask to speak to Nick Billington or Ed Allsop)

To view the virtual exhibition of plans for the outline planning for Phase 2 of the West of Chichester Development, you may follow this link: https://vpc.tetratecheurope.com/engage/westchichesterpart2/ a large downloadable PDF version is available here.

A large PDF file containing the 12 drawings accompanying the proposals is available here. An even larger version is available here.

Some FoCW members had trouble viewing this very large file showing all the drawings at once and we have some less detailed clips to give a quick view to those with less powerful PCs

Phase 2 Table Plans_reduced_en 1
Phase 2 Table Plans_reduced_en 2
Phase 2 Table Plans_reduced_en 3
Phase 2 Table Plans_reduced_en 4
Phase 2 Table Plans_reduced_en 5
Phase 2 Table Plans_reduced_en 6
Phase 2 Table Plans_reduced_en 7
Phase 2 Table Plans_reduced_en 8
Phase 2 Table Plans_reduced_en 9
Phase 2 Table Plans_reduced_en 10
Phase 2 Table Plans_reduced_en 11
Phase 2 Table Plans_reduced_en 12

The plans are certainly an improvement on early drafts seen by the FoCW that severed Centurion Way at Bishop Luffa School.

Concerns remain about how cycles will cross the junction between Westgate and Sherbourne Rd. Initial viewings of the drawings indicate that cyclists may be expected to use unsuitable pavements inappropriately converted to shared use cycle tracks. An image clipped from one of the proposals drawings is shown below.

The light grey areas in the image above indicate areas intended for cycling.


2 Replies to “West of Chichester Development Phase 2 Plans Now Available for Consultation”

  1. Comments re southern access road Whitehouse Farm development, Chichester.

    I live in East Broyle estate, Along with hundreds of other residents, we have an interest in bringing to your attention the chaos that will no doubt result, at both ends of the new development, should the southern end access from the new estate not be provided with equal access opportunities at a single large roundabout.

    Separate mini roundabouts to be avoided. One main roundabout intersection between Westgate and Sherborne Rd, which will provide roughly equal access from all directions.

    It’s important to allow easy southern access from the new estate to avoid estate traffic being forced to exit via the northern access onto St Paul’s Rd.

    Provision of safe routes for cyclists and pedestrians at the southern end of Centurion Way, separated from vehicular traffic.

  2. Good easy to read plans.
    My concern remains with the layout of the Sherborne Road junction especially with the new routes ‘T’ junction onto Sherbourne which will be an obvious bottleneck. Surely an enlarged roundabout with the new route entering directly onto the roundabout would be a better solution.
    Will the new principle route have any form of calming or restriction, this is not an objection just interested to know.

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