Author: markrecord

I commute to work every day using Centurion Way. I want to maintain it as a practical route that people can everyone use that connects easily to the city.

Keeping count during the pandemic

Friends of Centurion Way have long wished to record the number of people using the pathway. This project is of particular importance as it will bolster our demands for continued good quality provision for walking and cycling as new housing development puts pressure on town planning decisions onĀ  the west of Chichester. Many individuals supporters…

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Poor Quality Section of Southern Access Road included in Sports Field Plans

In absence of an agreed transport infrastructure master-plan for Phase 2 West of Chichester Development, the developers wish to start construction of the Southern Access Road without knowing how it will connect to the existing city transport network! Provision for local walking and cycling along this section of Southern Access Road, is of notably poor…

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Friends of Centurion Way Celebrate Chichester Summer Festival on the path

On Sunday the 14th July the Friends of Centurion Way staged a Chichester Summer Festival family circular walk including an interactive quiz. The items of interest highlighted along the circular walk reflect the history, nature and wildlife surrounding this much loved shared cycleway and footpath. The circular walk raised awareness of: Sculptures created by Richard…

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