Bat Watch, Walk & Talk

Discover these fantastic flying mammals on Centurion Way

Join us for a very special talk with Bat expert Peter Etheridge to find out about the bats that live and thrive on Centurion Way. To include a short walk at dusk for bat spotting. Places on the event are limited so please contact us at to make sure it is not fully booked.August 18, 2018 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

The Mayor of Chichester Charity Bike Ride

‘Cycling Legends’ Justin Bulpett & Malcolm Meaby are making a charity bike ride to raise money for Stone Pillow which is charity for local homeless people. They will depart from John O’Groats Tuesday 21st August, arriving Chichester Friday 31th August.

‘Cycling Legends’ Justin Bulpett & Malcolm Meaby will depart from John O’Groats Tuesday 21st August, arriving Chichester Friday 31th August.
‘Cycling Legends’ Justin Bulpett & Malcolm Meaby
With the Mayor Martyn Bell

On Friday the 31st August they plan to complete a final stage ‘Gala’ Ride!

However this plan has changed slightly and the will now begin on Centurion Way where its bridge crosses Newland’s Lane. The ride will proceed down to the bottom of Centurion Way then along Westgate & West St to the Council House.. Previously the plan was to begin the ‘Gala Ride’ at west dean West Dean.

The ‘procession’ of riders would arrive at the Council House at approx. 2pm to be greeted by the Mayor & others, with a buffet lunch for all inside afterwards.

The Friends of Centurion Way firmly support their fund raising efforts in support of Stone Pillow and would particularly like to encourage participation in their final stage ‘Gala’ Ride as an opportunity to help draw attention to the importance of CW and the lack of a safe cycle route into the City Centre itself.

Please feel free to circulate their leaflet and to to sponsor Justin and Malcolm, visit
or call the Oxmarket
Gallery on 01243 779103

FoCW Summer Festival Success

On the 7th July the Friends of Centurion Way will held a summer celebration on Centurion Way as part of the Festival of Chichester.

Group of people enjoying FoCW Summer Festival Event
Group of people enjoying FoCW Summer Festival Event

The event was well attended despite the date clashing with England’s football quarter final game in the 2018 World Cup.

Cyclists enjoying a cool drink at Summer Event
Cyclists enjoying a cool drink at Summer Event

Offering cool drinks to thirsty path users proved a highly successful strategy to engaging them with the campaign to preserve the path.

The circular walk (integrated with activities such as a quiz and estimating the age of a giant oak) was well received so FoCW may well run similar activities in future events.

The Chichester Observer also reported this story which can be read here.

Planning Application for White House Farm Phase 1 (Awaiting Comments!)

Please consider contacting Chichester District Council with your comments and suggestions regarding the following planning application. There are potential issues regarding access links  for new residents wishing to use Centurion Way. You may follow this link to the comprehensive set of plans made available by Chichester District Council.

Although provisions are outlined in the 89 documents for facilities targeting pedestrians and cyclists, many of these seem aimed only at being either short circular walks or excursions for dog walking/exercise.

Issues with connectivity for sustainable transport can be considered particularly when viewing Drawing number MILL21274-21.B (click to follow link for a closer look)


In the top half of this drawing is a strip labelled…

“Green Corridor – Central Green Link, This green linear link connects the site as a whole. Board-walks will provide pedestrian links  between residential pockets as well as a continuous hogging footpath running alongside the stream linking the southern and northern country parks.”

Although there is an appealing aspect to this green corridor, it is sadly impractical for sustainable transport because once it reaches the southern park all of the planed routes become curved, twisted and convoluted.  The paths do not navigate along the desire lines walkers, mobility scooter users and cyclists would naturally chose to follow in order to directly get into the city centre or to the railway station.

A closer look at the absence of easy to use sustainable transport links into our existing footpaths/cycleways can also be made by studying the following two drawings;

MILL21274.14 SHEET 1(click for link)

MILL21274.14 SHEET 1 Thumbnail
MILL21274.14 SHEET 1 Thumbnail

MILL21274.14 SHEET 2(click for link)

MILL21274.14 SHEET 2 thumbnail
MILL21274.14 SHEET 2 thumbnail

Many people moving into the newly proposed dwellings will wish to avoid creating unnecessary pollution and avoid the dangers/expense associated with motor vehicle use. New residents may also wish to enjoy the measurable health benefits associated with walking or cycling as part of their daily commute. However, unless direct, safe and easy to use routes can be provided, sustainable transport will be impracticable for new residents. Better links between the new development and onto Centurion Way would provide the best opportunity for walkers, mobility scooter users and cyclists from the new development to integrate with the existing community. John Grimshaw, the original architect of Centurion Way also highlights these points which are published here in his workbook of plans for Centurion Way.

Promoting sustainable transport links with the new development is also advantageous for existing residents, even if they have no interest in using the cities footpaths and cycleways. Every extra person who is be encouraged to use sustainable transport relieves a little bit of congestion from the city and this makes everybody else’s journey faster and slightly more pleasant.

Friends of Centurion Way are committed to making Chichester just as accessible for pedestrians, mobility scooter users & cyclists as it is for motorists.

Please consider contacting Chichester District Council with constructive comments and suggestions regarding these plans and the access link issues for new residents wishing to use Centurion Way?

You’ll need to follow this link then go to the “comments tab” and then follow the link to “register” with the council to register to leave a comment electronically (presumably an alternative would be to send a traditional paper letter).

Best Regards,

Mark Record (on behalf of FoCW)

Chichester Pipeline & Archaeological Digging

Southern water are building a 10km sewer pipeline that will run from the White House Farm development west of Chichester, across the north of the city and through to Tangmere, where it will connect to the Tangmere Wastewater Treatment Works.

Pipeline Map

Southern water are publicising the project details on this link.

There is a whole lot of archaeological digging doing on in the field just south of Newland’s Lane and this is presumably ahead of the pipeline installation.

Archaeology Dig south of Newlands Lane
Archaeology Dig south of Newlands Lane

It is the understanding of FoCW that the pipeline will be machine tunnelled under Centurion Way without the need to excavate .

There is also work being conducted in the field just east of Bishop Luffa. In this field there is is a significant amount of temporary reptile barrier fence. Presumably this is to allow capture of reptiles so that they can be relocated during the pipeline installation work.

Reptile Fencing


Urgent! Imminent planing decisions about to be made about A27 (Action Recommended)

Friends of Centurion Way are becoming increasingly aware of the danger of a northern bypass. We do not know many details of where the road will be, but understand that the County Council and Chichester District will be voting on the two concepts (northern bypass or changes to the southern route) on 4th and 8th June. We can only encourage you to find out more details from the local media.

The following documents outline some details of what the Council is considering.

Chichester A27 SYSTRA Situation Assessment

ECFSC report – A27 Chichester

There is no doubt that a northern bypass will impact more on the path and risks destroying the peace, tranquillity and ease of access into the countryside we enjoy.

We understand that our members may well have different views about this issue, but we hope the attached documents will be of use and you can find the relevant Councillors to write to below, should you wish to.

To find your District Councillor, please log on here:

To write to the members of the County Council Committee considering the issue please log on here:

To write to your own County Councillor, find their details here:
Or you could contact the Cabinet Member for Highways:

Kind regards,

Sarah Sharp

Whitehouse Farm Development Stage One Planing Approval

Whitehouse Farm development stage one planing approval details and documents can be accessed from the council using the following link.

Of particular relevance to Friends of Centurion Way, is the temporary access to the construction site via Clay Lane. Presumably the temporary Clay Lane construction access removes some of the urgency for progress with the Southern Access route threatening the Path. Hopefully this will allow more time for community involvement on deciding how Centurion Way will be developed.
development for up to 750 homes
development for up to 750 homes with access from Old Broyle Road, temporary access from Clay Lane

New Transport Vision for the South Coast

Join local residents to discuss a positive future for transport across West Sussex.
This meeting will include a discussion on John Grimshaw’s latest plans to bring Centurion Way right into Chichester
SCATE (South Coast Alliance for Transport and the Environment) are hosting the event which is free but you will need to book a ticket beforehand to attend. Follow the link below for more details and obtain a ticket.

Time and location
Fri 4 May 2018
14:00 – 15:30 BST
Add to Calendar
Bassil Shippam Centre
Tozer Way
PO19 7LG
United Kingdom
The South Coast Alliance for Transport and the Environment (SCATE) have developed a vision for improving transport for everyone living, working and visiting the Sussex Coast.